KACPAW’s “Kindness Sessions”

Kindness Sessions — 2015:  A community dog with a bad injury to his leg and afflicted with mange. Treated both conditions on location and the last picture shows a completely cured dog.  

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Seven KACPAW Miracles!!


MIRACLE #1: These are two community dogs with severe mange whom we treated on location and they were cured within a month.  Dogs with mange are usually not tolerated and are chased away when they scratch; they also smell. So we go round treating such dogs, on location most times and we call them our “Kindness Sessions”.  Once cured, they are well-tolerated.  KACPAW is alerted to such dogs by various people and we always oblige.


MIRACLE #2: A young community dog who has had a litter of four pups. All four pups were saved and found homes for. Mummy dog was spayed. But she developed tick-fever while under our care. Treated her for this life-threatening condition and cured her and made her healthy before she was taken back to “Her Place” where she lives now.


MIRACLE #3: This is a very sick and injured Doberman Pinscher tied in a thicket and left to die!! KACPAW saved her, had her warded at Getambe Government Veterinary Hospital where she was treated for mange. Out of hospital, KACPAW continued her treatment and later we found her a home. We named her Dooby Doo.


MIRACLE #4: A paralyzed community dog made to walk within about four months of care at Getambe Government Vet Hospital. Kalu is a community dog who lived in a motor car repair garage and there she was run over.  Kalu will be found a forever home.


MIRACLE #5: We treat and cure dogs with severe maggot infested wounds. This is one such dog.


MIRACLE #6: KACPAW did not ignore a call for help by some people to help this community dog who had a bone stuck in his mouth for weeks, unable to eat and dying slowly. We sedated him to catch him and had the bone removed at Getambe Government Vet Hospital, where he was brought back to good health. Once he regained his health we took him back to “His Place.”


MIRACLE #7: Apu, Blackie, Kato, Kadu, and Lipton (Kadu lives at ASOS Dog Sanctuary now). Click on the pictures to find out about them. Kato’s condition is a very bad TVT.  This is a kind of venereal tumour transmitted very easily to many dogs in the heat season, but so curable. If KACPAW sees any dogs with TVTs, we never let them go untreated. 


This is our latest rescue of a dog having a TVT. See at: