What we do

Our work at a glance


• KACPAW is an animal welfare organization committed to the well-being of street dogs and puppies in Sri Lanka.

• By sterilization through spaying and neutering, we help to keep the unwanted dog population to a minimum.

• A 100 unsterilized dogs can give rise to about 3,000 dogs in an year. In 2015, we have sterilized 2,500 dogs and this means the prevention of the emergence of 75,000 dogs for 2015 alone!

• In over 16 years, KACPAW has sterilized and medically treated over 20,000 dogs, primarily in mobile field clinics.

• We rescue abandoned dogs, medically treat them for injuries, skin diseases,and venereal tumours, and other sicknesses and find homes for adoption.

• The dogs we give for adoption are sterilized, de-wormed, vaccinated against rabies and treated for any skin ailments if necessary, and are given away with a supply of vitamins and minerals with follow-up vaccinations against parvo and distemper.

• This life-saving work is carried out by a dedicated group of volunteers, with funds solely from donors like you.

Our Mission & Vision


KACPAW’s Vision is to eradicate rabies from Sri Lanka using humane methods of dog population control.

KACPAW’s Mission is to ensure dog welfare primarily through sterilization (spay/neuter) of dogs to prevent the emergence of unwanted dogs.

Our Vision and Mission have enabled us to address and contribute to substantially and continuously for over 16 years national level wider issues concerning stray dogs (macro-level) and ensure dog welfare at local level (micro-level).


Join our cause!


Do become a part of this life-saving work by supporting us. With your support KACPAW can continue this essential work to stop the suffering of street dogs in Sri Lanka. Together, let us strive to make the life of our street dogs as comfortable as possible, whose destiny lies in your and our hands. We guarantee that our work will put a smile on your face!

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